Baking Boxes


‘Nailed It or Failed It’ Competition:

Each entrant needs to select one of the cupcakes in the Nailed It folder on my page… then they need to recreate the cupcake selected.

Photos and or videos must be of the kids physically baking & decorating. Ending with showing the finished result.

Entries have to accompany a short video of why they like being Pikanini Chefs. Or if they would like to become a Pikanini Chef. Parents please assist with loading the videos onto Pikanini Chefs SA Pty Ltd page. Let the creative juices flow..

Let them get those recipes out and show off what they can do now. 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

3 winners will be chosen and they will receive vouchers for attending a class in their area.
Each voucher is worth R200.

Nailed It Cupcake Edition!!

Competition ends 30 September!

(Note that entries will be posted for Marketing Purposes).